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About me

I am an energetic, hard working, motivated professional whose passion is training. I have just shy of two years in training with four years selling experiences. I have an undergrad in computer science and recently finished a masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology. Recently I was a key member of a team that helped convert live two classes into a four week virtual format. I believe I am uniquely suited to assume a role as a Technology Integration Specialist.


I take great pride in a job well done, either at home or work. When I am not at the office I am spending time with my family. At home, it is my husband, our pets and soon to be our first child. Across the country I have my extended family, which allo


I listen to a bit of every style. I have my favorites, but my only real requirement is that I like the harmony and the tempo and can understand the lyrics (if there are any).


I am a bit odd in my sports, I like football and Formula 1 Racing. I prefer NFL to college football, but will really watch any good football game. My favorite team has always been the Dallas Cowboys. My uncle brainwashed me when I was 3 and it just s


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